Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Is In Full Swing

Here is a picture of the first day of school!!! They all decided to wear their cool-school shirts. I love Mary's set up. She is such a squirt that she needs the plastic box to put her feet on...HAHA!!! Trisha is not pictured as she had an important appointment that day and started school the next. I'll post a picture of her on my next blog post. she has grown so much and really is looking like a teenager!!!

The summer was wonderful!!! We really enjoyed swimming, playing outside, and various day trips we took. I have not been regular enough about posting as we were always on the run...ha-ha!!! Now as winter approaches, and school has begun, I should have more time to update the blog. It seems time has just flown by the last few years and gets faster every year.

I have had a hammer and chisel out as the children's brain rusted over during their break from school;-). Last week was our second week and it went much much better than the first week. They are still in the review process and have yet to begin new concept learning. However, they are filled with zest and desire to learn. John-John is doing very well with his preschool program. He is now singing his ABC's. Although most of them are "a,b,c...kkkkkkk....z...know my ABC's". HAHAHA!!!!

Mary has begun some pre-K work and some kindergarten work. She is getting much better with her eye/hand coordination. Annie is working on kindergarten and first grade material. She is also doing a great job. Katie Aunna is doing both first and second grade work in varying subjects. I am just amazed at how fast she learns and what a wonderful job she has done adjusting to her new life. Christian and Karissa are busy with third grade lessons and also doing very well.

Christian is playing football again this year and his skills just seem to get better and better every year. Both Christian and Karissa are preparing at our church for first communion and should be ready to begin a new spiritual journey with Jesus in the Spring. Naturally, Annie and Katie wanted to take the catechism classes even though it is included in their daily school lessons. But, it will be a great enhancement to their daily catechism in our Catholic home school.

Little Trisha decided that she wanted to spend her last year of middle school with us;-). I am so thrilled that she did make this decision, as I know, she will be well prepared for high school next year. Although, I dread the peer exposure she will have next year, she has been well prepared for making right choices. I am praying for her to be a wise teenager and place God as the head of all her decisions.

Now, about Mr. Casey...he is getting to be such a beautiful young man. He is a head taller than I am and his shoulders are getting very broad. I think he is going to be such a sturdy and solid built man. Considering, he will be sixteen years old in October, he's a very good kid!!! He is doing high school curriculum and seems very capable of having a successful school year. I am really enjoying teaching them and now consider it my God given full-time job.
It seems such a wonderful investment into my children. I know that no one knows them as I do. Therefore, only I can give them all that they need. God has been very good to us to allow this opportunity. Certainly, it is wonderful to have them with me so much of the time. I really don't want to miss any part of their lives. They are my heart's beat!!! As the Holiday's approach...there is much to be thankful for and in celebration of...many great days to come. Many blessings!!!