Friday, January 23, 2009

God Save America

Well....lots of scary things are going on in our country at present. I went out in our front yard and hung our American flag upside down and at half mast. Signaling we are a country in distress...big trouble. We are so concerned about the ruin of this country at the hands of Obama. The country is so fragile right now. The cost of living is just sky-rocketing with the increased minimum wage and high taxation. Not to mention...the "BAIL-OUT" of huge companies whose CEO's leave as millionaires. Who in this government will bail out the American citizen struggling to survive? God save America!

I read today that our federal tax dollars will be sent internationally for the purposes of assisting women in obtaining abortions and abortion related educational programs. This was highly supported by Bill Clinton and Clinton reinstated it during his horrible immoral term. Then Bush shot it down when he got into office and did not support this international abortion funding. During Obama first week he signed to allow it again....urg!!!! Looks like many of his "promises" are going to the to speak....during his first week. I hate it when people renege on their promises or their word. God save America!

I am also very concerned about the fact that he does not classify himself as a bi-racial man (white/black). He classifies himself as the first African/American to be elected as a president to the Untied States. This seems odd to me...suspicious even. Has he swept his Caucasian half under the rug and is now African/American??? This does not sound like someone who is proud of his white heritage. No one seems to notice how he tucks away part of his racial orientation and then screams racist to others who bring up this subject. If, as he promised, all people are to live as is it he can brush his white culture under the rug and claim to be African/American....not bi-racial. This sounds bad to me....but...who am I to say what is in his heart and mind. Over time he will tell us with whom he holds partiality. God save America!

Further, we are greatly concerned about the desensitization of our children by the world. You can't even watch regular TV shows without seeing premarital kissing, unwed sex, and openly cursing with what is considered "MILD" by the movie sensors. Now we have bad words that are allowed on regular programming because it's not considered one of the "BAD" word. Plus, "cool" gangster who kill, still, and destroy people and are portrayed as the "cool" ones. TV commercials are embarrassingly brass and immoral. I dread TV commercials coming on during the few TV shows we watch. God save America!

I tried to buy a Guardian Angel filter for our TV (filters out bad language) but they no longer make them!!!! When I take the children out to the mall.....we run across people who are acting inappropriate (teenagers locked in love kisses) or someone using bad language in such a casual way. They act as if "little ears" are NOT present. My WORD!!!!! Where is it to stop. Well, home school is my only option for them if they are to stay self focused without the world spoiling their minds. There is no censoring product available that I am aware of. God save America!

I also understand that Obama is a huge supporter of same sex marriage. This is a biblical situation which is harshly addressed in the bible. Are we now at a point where only those things in the bible we want to hear will be used and ignore those laws, commandments, and feelings of our great God??? Obama is working on a plan to ensure that same sex couples may wed and receive all the benefits that normal couples have. God save America!

How about this one circulating in high and powerful places.....the government possess a belief that they (CYFD-Kiddie Nazi) know more about our children than the parents do? Many parents are fearful to discipline or they may get into trouble with the Children's, Youth, and Families Services (Prevention/Intervention). God save America!

It is very difficult if a parent is falsely accused of something by the "Kiddie Nazi" and they consider it as "inappropriate" (a very individually subjective decision) and then it is upheld by a few supervisors of the department. Those victimised parents carry that label with them for the entirety of their life. It can never be erased from the system and the person is negatively labeled for ever. SAD!!!!! God save America!

Many cases involving parents are substantiated in the guise that the "Nazi Kiddie Police" (CYFD) are "doing" their jobs. They are BEST able to determine appropriate discipline from inappropriate behavior. The decision is left to an individual and their work peers to condemn a parent. Lets say for example.....a CYFD caseworker gets a call that you "hit" your child with a paddle. Even though corporal punishment may be legal in your state. This government agent can determine that it is harsh and substantiate. Now a record will be on the parents head FOREVER!!!! God save America!

Now medical insurance.....They have the power to refuse to pay for medications they think (by determination of their own medical board) that you do not need these medications or treatment. Even though your doctor has ordered these needed medications or treatments. Many insurances tell you which group of doctors you may see and which hospitals you may use. They also can raise your insurance premiums because "they" are not making enough money from the policy. To me this sounds like a trend toward a socialistic economy. God save America!

Okay....flame me if you like.....but after you do....please pray for this country. We are a nation in distress right now. God save America...Amen.
Many blessing and thanks for listening to our concerns.
The Gartner Family

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Year

Christian is sooooo strong!!!! He can actually bring his knees down to his elbows and then straighten his legs upward again. What a hoot!!!!
Here are my sweet little kids sitting on the couch together. Karissa has been reading a section of a Junie B....First Grader book each evening to the kids. It was the one for Christmas "Junie B....First Grader...Jingle Bells....Batman Smells....(and so does May)". This book was so adorable. They love all the Junie B. books. Katie is picking up on reading at an amazing speed. She has now progressed to first grade work. Little Katie Aunna places herself next to her big sister so she can follow the words with the help of Karissa's finger guiding her along. She is one smart kid!!!

My beautiful teenagers....Little Trisha and my handsome Casey. They are growing up soooo fast. I must say that they are excellent students in home school and far above their peers. But, isn't that the whole purpose of home school? The first semester I turned them on to the movie "Fall of the Roman Empire". Today, they watched "Doctor Zhivago" and oh what an effect it had on them. They have gained a new respect for the people of Russia!!! It was a great day of school. We did all of our paperwork in the morning. Then we watched the Russian Revolution bring in the rise of Communism in the afternoon. Following the movie, they did some computer research, regarding how the Soviet Union fell and what effects that had on the Russian people. Anyway....the New Year of academics is unfolding as planned thus far.

I just wanted to make a short post since it has been so long. I do apologize for the delays. Actually, I have not been feeling very well. My doctor has run several tests to see why I am having persistent heart burn. Of course, it couldn't be our nine children and two businesses that give me heartburn...ha ha!!! I go in to see my doc tomorrow for results of the blood-work, scope, ultra sounds, and scans. Keep us in your prayers and I will certainly let you know what comes of it all.

Today seems like the perfect opportunity to say how thankful we are for the last year. 2008 has had many challenges and a great deal of pleasure with Katie Aunna joining our family. She is just the most precious little girl and fits so perfectly within our family. I have yet to see a happier child. She still tells me that she loves me many times during the day. Her relationship seems quite different with me than the adoption adjustment which occurred with the other children. We went through all the classical bonding processes with all of our other adoptions. But, with Katie, it seems that the honeymoon phase is more of a way of life for her. I don't think we will ever leave this phase.

Katie Aunna gets up happy in the morning and goes to bed happy each night. It is so different to adopt an older child compared to babies. She has an appreciation of her home, that babies who grow up in a family, seem to expect "family life" rather matter-of-fact. Katie, on the other hand, marvels at her new life and appreciates every kiss, hug, or snuggle she gets from us. Also, she loves her brothers and sisters and enjoys being with them so very much. Katie Aunna is a loyal and kind family member. It's hard to imagine that such a relationship could be repeated. Her spirit is so lovely!!! It is as though she has always been a part of this family.

So, as we have left 2008 behind us....we fervently look forward to the blessings in store for 2009 and give our great God the praise and glory for His kindness in giving Katie Aunna to us. I hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays as much as we have with our new daughter....the Arctic Princess....HRH Katie Aunna!!!! I want to mention that all of our children have warmly welcomed their new sibling with open arms and love her dearly. Many blessings to you and yours.....The Gartner Family