Monday, December 28, 2009

Welcome To Alexis Victoria Gartner

Alexis Victoria Gartner


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I want to introduce our new daughter Alexis Victoria Gartner. What a sweet child she is and fits so perfectly into our family!!! I feel a great relief that the process is finally behind us and now we need to settle into life with a new family member. Her adoption has been a long process and very exhausting. But, well worth it;-). She is darling!!!

I must say that this has been an extremely event filled month. Among the final process of adopting, we lost our darling Gracie Belle. This took an emotional toll on all of us. My sister was very concerned over the family's grief and loss. Her son breeds little Boston Terriers and so they gave us a puppy. Oh yes...a baby dog during all of this...LOL!!! She is so adorable!!! Although, Gracie can not be replaced, Cupcake gives us great pleasure and has assumed her place within the family.

Hopefully, I will now be able to make more posts now that we have settled down in our family. I wish everyone a Happy New Year filled with all your dreams come true!!! Many blessings...Trisha and Family

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Gracie Belle

I am sad to post that our little pet has passed away. She had problems with collapsing trachea and died in my arms last week. I am just so sad and heart broken. God gave humans dogs to love and to be loved by them unconditionally. Gracie has been such a blessing to us!!! She did her job well of loving us unconditionally and we deeply love her in return. I try to comfort myself by the vision that someday she will be anxiously waiting for me in Heaven where she will eagerly lead me to Jesus' arms of love and comfort. Our little friend will be greatly missed by us all.