Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Hi;-)...We are doing well. The children had a wonderful Christmas this year. When we decorated the tree, right after Thanksgiving, they brought out a little Popsicle stick Christmas Tree. Apparently, while we were in Russia last year, Kisty had them make an ornament. It is really cute!!! They put them in a shoe box last year and stored them in the decorations that were not set up. I asked Karissa what did this ornament mean to her and she replied so coldly...."It's when Mommy and Daddy SKIPPED Christmas" HaHa!!! Of course, we didn't exactly skip Christmas last year, it was just a day late. Which brings me to mention that, on Christmas Day, Alexis has been home one year already. Time is just flying. I decided to have some pictures made this year since our family is now complete. I am attaching and hope you enjoy seeing the changes in everyone.