Friday, March 27, 2009

Karissa's Doctor Visit

Karissa and I flew to Dallas from Amarillo and back in a day.....whew!!! What an exhausting trip and then tack on the four hours of driving (round trip) from our home to the airport. But, we had a very nice day together. Although, it was rather odd to be able to focus on just one child.
Actually, I still feel tired today from Wednesday's doctor visit. However, the kids and I did do some house cleaning today:-) and much to my surprise...we have snow once again. New Mexico needs the moisture and so we are quite happy. We did not take any pictures while in Dallas and so I decided to post a nice Spring photo I had taken at a park last year. Just so we can all have that feeling of Springtime and Easter.

Here's the rundown for the day in Dallas:

Karissa still has a tiny hole in her ear drum and discharge from that ear. Her doctor suctioned it out and put powder in it. She was a very brave patient and sat ever so still while he worked on her. He hopes it will close or she will need one more surgery to place a patch on it. She did not have a hearing test because of the discharge. So, we still do not know how well she hears in her ear. However, he did confirm that she is (PRAISE THE LORD) hearing in that ear. Then he said "Can you bring her back in a month?" Oh my, I about fell in the floor. I wanted to scream "HEY BUDDY....We live almost 1600 miles away round trip plus four hours of driving to get to an airport and home!!!" But, instead I politely said we could come back in May. So that's the report for now.

I really want to thank everyone for their prayers for Karissa and for our family. Please, continue to pray for her healing, our family, and for Lexi. We are getting close now to Karissa being well. Many blessing to all!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Off To Dallas Again

This is my first cousin Debby. Mary just adores her and can't get enough Debby time. Actually, I think Deb loves Mary as much as she loves her own two kid;-).
The cakes were for Trisha and DeeDee's birthday. My little Trisha turned 13 years old...OMG...a teenager!!!! Hide the car keys quick. The guitar cake was for DeeDee and she has turned a whole 9 years old. Sad how time flies:-(
Here little Mary thinks she is Queen of the Hill. So she perches herself on Daddy's back as he attempts to relax...ha ha...and watch TV.
SHOCK!!!! We actually got a little snow. Isn't that amazing??? Of course it was melted within a few short hours. However, the desperately needed moister was graciously appreciated...Thank you dear Lord!!!!! Here is another picture of our only snow for this winter last week.

Well tomorrow we leave for Dallas again. Just Karissa and I will be flying there and the kids will be home with our adult son....poor man!!! Ha Ha!!! Actually, Weldon is pretty good with the kids and John-John is just crazy about him. So, it's a nice treat for the kids to play with Weldon. We fly out from Amarillo at noon and will be back home in the evening.
Katie Aunna, Christian, Karissa and Annie went to the dentist yesterday and had their cavities filled. Now I look inside their mouths and I am filled with happy happy joy joy....pretty white jaw teeth and no black spots. Karissa came from her orphanage with healthy cavities and so she only got a few sealants in her teeth. But, oh her little ear, it has been quite unhealthy. Now we hope we have met her ear issues with success...the official word will come tomorrow so I will let you know then.
A funny story about Katie Aunna. First a little Russian background. Russian people would rather haggle over the smallest thing than to breath air!!! Dr. Naggs (our dentist) pinches and shakes your jaw/cheek when he is giving shots. Katie did not appreciate his tactic very well and did some whimpering. I think gentle Dr. Naggs got a little uncomfortable over her emotional show of discomfort. In his haste after Katie's procedure to pass out treats for exemplary behaviors....he gave a toy chest gift, stickers, and a card for free french fries from McDonald's to everyone. Katie got stickers and a toy, but, Dr, Naggs overlooked giving her a french fry card.
Somehow in passing out the goodies he skipped giving Katie her card. Much to my surprise...she sternly walked over to him, shook her little finger in his face and said "Hey Mr. Doctor...why you not give me french fries card and you pinched my cheeks. I don't like you pinching my where's my fries Mr. Doctor???" Then she sticks her little hand out palm up for her card. He apologized and said it would never happen again. Then Katie says "Well, you need to know??? Think about your job!!!" What a ha ha...little Miss Huffy Puffy.
Guess that's all for today. Please remember our Lexi and our adoption process in your prayers. We are working hard and furiously to get things accomplished. I hope we will be moving forward soon!!! I am getting an extreme loneliness in my heart for Lexi. I dream of her almost every single night. The kids are always talking about her and asking when she will come home. Tough question to answer.
Finally, next week I will be having my surgery...removing my gallbladder. Next Katie goes to Albuquerque to see the opthamologist about her slight strabismus and to check the accuracy of her glasses. Then John has his surgery the end of April. So May and June should be dossier composing time. Keep us in you prayers. Thanks for reading and many blessings!!!
I am also happy to report that most all of our home study documents are complete and ready to be turned in to our HS agency. Further, we sent in our first big payment with our contract for Lexi. She is officially now waiting for her family to come and get her. I just can not wait until I can go to see her and hold her in my arms for a big POLAR BEAR HUG!!!! Everyday I feel like we are making another baby step forward to bringing her home. I am begging my GF Gail to go with me for the first trip to meet Lexi. Guess we will see what happens. Again. many blessings...Trish

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Katie Aunna's Happy

AWE!!! All my babies;-).....
Group hug!!!!

John-John sitting in a big boy chair. He is flashing me his "I'm so cute" smile. what a blessing he is to our family. He is a very quiet and calm child. Every day is a pleasure for him!!!

Mary is holding a book I found on the Internet about her birth city Borovichi, Russia. Someday she will treasure this book as it is packed full of information about her birth city.

Papa and Mary snuggle up for a little nap together. One of the few moments that Mary is still and quiet.

We had quite a catastrophe last weekend. I almost took her picture, but, she was so upset about it I didn't dare ask her for a picture. Anyway....Katie and Annie were doing what I had asked them a million times not to do....running in the house. We do not have any carpet in the house as it is all wood and tile flooring. When the kids have on socks it can be very slippery.

Apparently, from the explanation I received, Katie was running and Annie was close on her heals as the monster. Katie stumbled on the throw rug and Annie rammed into her back. Katie was slung into the floor face first. That's right....face first!!!! Horrifyingly, she broke off her two front PERMANENT teeth at an angle. In walks Katie Aunna crying to me with two pieces of teeth in her hands. I jumped up out of my chair and my eyes almost popped out of my head.

Naturally, our dentist's office was already closed. So, I placed them in a sandwich baggie and told her not to freak-out (even if Mommy was) as we could get them fixed on Monday when our dentist opens. Of course, first thing Monday morning I was on the phone and they got her in that day. They did have to put her mouth to sleep and so that was a little pinch in the beginning.
However, I am proud to say that the repair is virtually perfect and shows no signs of damage. When her teeth finish growing (about age 17 or 18 y/o) she will need to have these two front teeth capped. Oh dear.....raising children is not for the timid....especially around this house!!!

On the adoption front....I want to express our sincere and heartfelt thanks to those who have made donations to help Lexi come home. Your kind generosity is a blessing and an encouragement to us. Sometimes the struggle seems harsh and the road is so long to the goal. Many may feel we will be blessing her, but, we know she will be the "blessing" to us.

When I look at Katie Aunna's referral picture (which is a head shot of the one below) I am amazed at how much she has grown and changed. The love of a family is magic for a child. Like the little Star Thrower story..."We can't save them all, but, we can make the difference in the life of this one". I am so looking forward to the day when Lexi knows that I have found "HER" mommy....just as I promised her that I would do. Many blessings!!!