Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Happening Around Here

I am so sorry it has taken me since Christmas to post!!!! I had a hard drive crash on my computer and just got it back last week. It was not much fun to be without it. But, I'm back. Now...the good news...Alexis is doing great!!! She is not learning English as quickly as Katie Aunna did. However, I know a lot more Russian than when we adopted Katie. Alexis and I have basic communication in Russian, and what I can't say or she can't say, we find ways to figure it out with each other. She is such a happy child and a very good girl. When she looks into my eyes it is so deeply!!! I am not sure if a child could possibly love their mother more than this child. I think adoration is more descriptive. I feel the same about her....she is adorable.

Several exciting things have happened. When we adopted the twins from Ukraine we did not christen them Roman Catholic. Duane said he felt our family was not complete and maybe we should wait and see if we adopted again soon. Time went by and we kept adopting each year. When Alexis came home we knew the time had come to baptise all of our children. It was a thrilling Sunday and so touching that they were all baptised together!!! It took me two hours to get the girls dressed and fix their hair;-). Aren't they all beautiful...boys and girls?!?!?!?!

Last week Mary had an appointment with the opthamologist. I had noticed a very slight inward turn of her left eye when she got tired. So, I was lucky enough to get in quickly with the pediatric opthamologist. He is from Albuquerque and only comes here once a month. Diagnosis....Mary now wears glasses. She is so cute in them and she is doing amazing with taking care of them. I thought for sure she would break them on day one. Nope...she is doing great...knock on wood...haha!!!! Today Mary said "Mommy, my glasses are tired"....LOL!!! I took them off for a little while and she came to ask for them later.

Also, let's talk about the weather while we're at it;-). We have had an amazing snow fall!!! Not only, is the moisture welcome, it was so beautiful. The children and I went out to the frontyard to build "Jack Frost"....as they named him. It was so funny, I told them he looked so good that they should expect him at their bedroom window that night. At bedtime, the girls (except Mary) made sure their bedroom curtains were closed tight. When I tucked Mary Beth into bed she said "Mommy leave my curtains open cause I'm not scared to see him at my window"....LOL....that's our little Mary Beth;-).

Finally, we are praying for God to continue to help us recover from the adoption expense we have endured. Many who know us personally were aware of the sad news about our grant. The organization reneged on a promised large grant. This left us scrambling at Christmas time to find funds to bring Alexis home and put a few things under the tree for the kids. Mainly they received new clothes...which they loved. These are the sweetest little kids!!!

Everyone agreed that we should have a very small Christmas and we would expect Alexis to be the big gift from our great God. Let me say that God has been so good to our family by providing ways to obtain the funds needed to bring our daughter home. I want to give a huge thanks to those who have helped us during this recovery period. You know who you are and God knows how big your hearts are. I pray for blessings in abundance in your life. Words can not possibly describe how grateful we are to those of you who have helped us financially, emotionally, and spiritually. You are special for having a hand in doing God's Will. Many blessings and much love!!!