Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tonsils Out

The time has finally come when Lexi has had her tonsils out. They were horrible and really needed to be taken out. Yesterday the first thing the kids asked when we came home was "Did you bring her tonsils home for us to see?"....LOL!!! Well, we did. They all marveled about how big and yucky they were...haha. Guess they get some extra credit points in science this week!!! She is doing so very well. Although, she had lots of nausea yesterday, her surgery was a success. Last night she slept with me and poor Dad had to take the couch;-). Around 4:00am she woke up whining and in pain. So I gave her more anti-emetic with pain medication. We woke around 9:30 this morning and she is now playing gameboy...I mean...gamegirl.

Also, she will receive her beautiful new shoes on May 11TH. How exciting that she will actually be able to walk without limping and her back can straighten out. Now we have to make a very serious decision regarding her surgery. They gave us two options at Shriners. One was to kill the growth plate in the longer leg and allow the other leg to catch up or go through multiple surgeries to lengthen the short leg. We will have medical counseling in September when we take her to the doctors in Albuquerque. BTW....she still would rather speak Russian over English...LOL!!!

The other children in our precious family are doing very well and working hard to complete this school year. We are planning and continuing to save as much as we can to go on a family vacation. We leave in about three weeks from now and so the count down begins!!! Duane will have the opportunity to visit with his mom for a few days. Which is excellent as she is really beginning to feel her age.

Christian and Karissa are thrilled as tomorrow they will take their first communion!!! I will most definitely post pics of them. There is suppose to be a professional photographer there and so we should also have some nice pictures of them. I think they are both very ready to continue their religious lives in a deep and meaningful way. I am amazed at how much they have changed and matured over this year of school.

Also, the other children have shown great strides in their academics. John can now do various puzzles he could not do at this time last year. He is also beginning to color with more than scribble and Mary has done so well in kindergarten. Little Annie has started reading and Katie is going to enter at her grade appropriate level in the Fall.

I suppose that's about it for my update and we hope for many blessings in your life as well!!!


Zactly said...

Sounds like all the children are making great progress. They must have a wonderful teacher/teaching environment. :) Glad Lexi's surgery went well, minus the nauseau. Is Katie still able to speak enough Russian to visit with Lexi?
take care,

Denyse said...

Lexi looks like a changed girl. I am still so happy that she was adopted into your family. It looks like you have a very big decision concerning her surgery. I hope that God guides you through that. Have a great summer and enjoy your upcoming vacation. I have just finished my foster to adopt classes here in Kansas. So soon I hope to have little ones in the house.