Saturday, September 4, 2010

August Events

August has been quite a busy month and actually I'm glad it's over!!!! Casey had his deviated nasal septum repaired two weeks ago. He is doing very well, but it was rough going for a while there. He had hoped to use it as an excuse to miss the first week of school. Well, much to his disappointment, the doctor said he would not have to miss any time at his desk;-). We started on schedule the first of September.

Katie had an appointment with the pediatric opthamologist and he said we have to patch her lazy eye for two hours every day. When it is time to remove the patch she jiggles around everywhere squawking because she says her eyebrows might get pulled out....LOL!!! She really dislikes it, but I am always careful to put it above her eyebrow. The doctor did not increase her glasses as he said it was her lazy eye that is causing the vision difficulty.

Annie, Mary, and John are doing well and have some trauma drama issues over having to start school!!! They sit at their desks and whisper about going outside to play. The big kids get mad because I let them go and the big kids can't:-(. If they fall behind it will be horrible to try and catch up. But, all in all, the little kids are doing well.

Karissa, Katie, and Lexi are excited. We have been asked to go to the Mennonites sewing meeting this month and the girls will get a new dress made for them. It's just amazing at the talent these sweet ladies have!!! The best part is that they will get to help with the quilt making and they LOVE doing that. We haven't been out to their community during the summer. But, they really love going out there and playing with their children. The community has a church and school building with the large acreage surrounding the main buildings. It's actually great fun and wholesome fellowship for us.

Christian started football and is playing well. He earned his place on the team as tight end and loves it!!!! Karissa has registered for soccer, but, we haven't been called by her new coach yet. I expect she will start practice next week sometime. Also, I have registered the kids for Catechism. Mary will be in the kindergarten class, Annie in the first grade class, Katie and Alexis in the First Holy Communion class, and the twins in the fourth grade class. So now there goes Wednesday night.

Throw in ball practice for Karissa and Christian three night per week and ball games on the weekend....we're booked!!! Oh yes, and Little Trisha has made the drill team dance team and so she has to be driven all the way across the city and dropped out by Dad (Duane) and then I have to pick her up at eight o'clock am. Then jump into school and dance at four o'clock in the afternoon for Lil' I need some of that spilled oil!!!!

Okay....I have a couple of really exciting things to tell you about Alexis!!! First, we have an appointment to take Alexis for her prescreening for her leg surgery. we will now be able to know when it can be done. I am so excited and she is, too. It means a normal leg and wonderful self image change for her. We were talking about it the other day and she said "Mommy, you make me well. My leg does not have to be ugly and little does it?"

I told her that it would be as good as the other leg and she threw her arms around my neck and said "I so glad you my for real Mommy. You be so smart and pretty, too. And I be listening in church and know who is Jesus and His sweet Mom named Mary. I also know what everything means in church. I learning good English and like to speak this with you!!!" I was so happy and touched. I asked her a few questions about the Mass and she sure does know what's going on.

So when it was time for Catechism registration I put her in the first communion class with Katie. I told her that it was important that she catch on to reading so she could memorize the prayers and work on her papers in this class. She was so excited that she said she would work harder at the sounds. For about two days it was all she thought about...vowel sounds and consonant sounds. Plus she listened carefully about some of the important vowel rules;-).

Low and behold!!!! She had a breakthrough and has begun to read like crazy. I am amazed with her determination and persistent nature every day. Nothing is weak about that girl. I adore her so and am so very very thankful to God for allowing me to be her mother. Plus she is such a sweet big sister!!! Always trying to help her little sisters and brothers. So protective of them. It feels like Lexi has always been a member of our family

Also, I have been attempting to control her weight so she doesn't let it get out of hand. I guess one day she had a spike in her appetite and she snuck into the pantry to snack on cereal. She almost jumped through the ceiling when I opened the door and her mouth was stuffed full of cereal. I said "Alexis Victoria....did you just go into the pantry at the orphanage and eat what you wanted?" she told me "Oh no, Mommy, they don't have a food pantry!" I said "Okay, well did you eat food from the cabinets?" she said "They did not have food in the cabinets either".

Oh so sad!!! She said an ugly pick-up truck (one of few) brings food each morning and it is only enough for each day. Of course, everyone in Russia buys only a day or two worth of this seems likely. But, I felt bad about asking her that and I said she had better pick out what food she wanted and go sit down to eat!!!! The next day I took her out to eat at China Star Buffet for the "all you can eat" lunch.

It was so funny when we walked in and she saw all those rows of food and said "We can have all this to eat???" I told her that she should eat all that she wants and refill her plate as many times as she wants. Wow....did they lose money on Lexi's lunch. I don't think her Daddy could eat that much. We went home and she was patting her belly and saying "I so stuffed....oiy!!!" Now, how cute is that???

Well that about it for now...oh yes, and Annie has also had a reading breakthrough and began to read as well. I have been teaching them as classmates in the same reading class. It worked...they've got it now. It's just a matter of practice and exposure to reading to let them fly!!! I will try and get a few pictures post next week. Until then...many blessings!!!! Trisha and Crew

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