Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Surgery Complete

Hi...I just wanted to post that Alexis' surgery is complete for now. It did not come out as well as we had hoped. Her hip is in very bad shape and cannot be repaired without a hip replacement. This is not possible as long as she is growing. The doctor related it to the fast pace at which children outgrow shoes and clothes. He said children would need many replacements at the rate they grow. When she is around age seventeen they will do a hip replacement surgery. For now, they repositioned her hip, cut her femoral bone in half and turned her leg so it is pointing straight ahead rather than out to the side. They opted to use pins and plates to stabilize the bone. We go back in four months and they will determine when to remove the hardware. The best news is her legs are now straight and she will not need special shoes. This is quite a blessing as she has always hated wearing one huge thick soled shoe. Alexis felt everyone was looking at her foot with the "big" shoe. So, now she can go into any shoe store and buy shoes like everyone else. Whether or not she will have a limp, we cannot tell at this point. Please pray for our darling and we appreciate all your support. Many blessings and have a great Thanksgiving for God is so good to us!

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Zactly said...

Thanks for the update Trisha. We always look forward to them. Glad the surgery is over,and there were some positives that came from it. Hope it helps her get around easier (after she recovers of course). Happy Thanksgiving.